• Current Recruitment Status:
    number of women enrolled in IMPROvED to date

  • Pre-eclampsia screening of
    5000 European women in 5 countries

  • Novel metabolomics and proteomics biomarkers
    to detect pre-eclampsia and improve pregnancy outcomes

  • An effective screening test has the potential for
    significant health and economic impact



More than 4000 participants complete the last recruitment period

For our last recruiting period until April 2018, five centres have been recruiting and we have reached a fantastic total of more than 4000 participants throughout the IMPROvED project. We are thankful fo this immense contribution and women participating in the study have expressed their gratitude in the extra attention and a great sense of pride in being able to help make pregnancies safer for future moms to be. An icredible 3901 live born babies have been born to IMPROvED mothers and end of pregnancy outcome data is now collected and entered into our database.


ISA Cork 2017

The International Stillbirth Alliance Conference 2017 (ISA) was for the first time held in Ireland at the University College Cork (UCC) from 22nd to 24th September 2017. Over 380 delegates from all over the world participated in this conference aiming at challenging healthcare professionals to constantly strive for excellence in stillbirth awareness, research and bereavement care.


Last appointment at INFANT

Our last IMPROvED appointment at the Irish Centre for Fetal and Neonatal Translation Centre - Infant, was with the lovely Fionnuala. Thank you so much to every single family (over 1500!) that participated and to everyone who spread the word along the way. Together we have hopefully made a great strides towards predicting preeclampsia and make pregnancies safer worldwide.